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Kakadu Plum Crystal Candle

Kakadu Plum Crystal Candle

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Trust Harmony and Love

Kakadu Plum with Amazonite and Amethyst.

420g double wick Coco Soy wax candle 

A 4hr min (melt pool) burn time is recommended each time the candle is lit.

Once you have removed your crystals from the candle, it is suggested to wash them in warm water to wash away any excess wax. 

To cleanse your stones, set them out before nightfall and bring them in before 11 am, this will allow your stones to bathe in moonlight and sunlight.

Be sure to reuse your candle jars, as pot plants, crystal bowls, or for dried flowers. Get creative!

Large 420g Vessel

These are natural stones and may vary in colour and size.