Women Waxing

At Anella, we use high quality hot & strip wax. Hygiene is important to us, therefore we use single use applicators and NO double dipping, with pre and post solutions used at each appointment. You can relax knowing that your treatment is provided with the highest level of hygiene and care.

Face Waxing

$25  Eyebrow                      
Brow & Lip                 
Brow, Lip & Chin        
$20  Sides of Face              
Full Face                        


Body Waxing

$25  Underarm                   
Half Arm                    
Full Arm                      
Half Leg                      
Full Leg                       
Bikini Standard          
Bikini G-string             
Brazilian First Visit (First visit at Anella Beauty)
$55  Brazilian Regular (4 weeks since last appointment at Anella Beauty)